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1.0 - Overview

BeatSelecta is a social music marketing app that allows you to import, organize and broadcast your in-venue music for customers to browse and select through their Android smart phones. It comes configured in a tablet app that can be easily plugged into your venue’s audio system. The setup wizard will get you up and running, serving music to your customers in less than 15 minutes!

The BeatSelecta app allows you to import music, create playlists and set schedules for automated playback. Once a playlist is broadcast at the automated time, the venue will appear online in the mobile app and customers can select the venue to check in. Venues can set different playlists, based on artists /albums/genres for automated playback at different times. Customers can only see music from the library that’s in the currently scheduled playlist, giving venues complete control on the type of music that can be played at any particular time. Venues can choose to either allow their customers to select and queue tracks for free, or charge a nominal fee via in-app purchase.

2.0 - General

Charge the Battery

Before using the tablet for the first time, you must charge the battery.

  • You can charge the tablet with a travel adapter or by connecting the device to a PC with USB cable.
  • Battery full icon is displayed when your device is completely charged. You can then start using the device.

Warning: Use only original batteries and chargers. Unapproved chargers or cables can cause batteries to explode or damage your device.

Standard Connection

Connect the audio out from the tablet (usually indicated by a green socket on desktops) to a stereo in your venue’s amplifier or Hi Fi stereo system using a 3.5mm to RCA cable. It is recommended to keep short runs of cable as longer runs can introduce hum into the audio signal.

Higher Quality Audio Connection

Connect the tablet via USB to an external Audio interface or DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) provided there is an USB slot in the device. Connect the outputs of the audio interface to your venue’s audio system via RCA or balanced cables (Output type will vary based on the audio interface or DAC used).

Bluetooth Connection

Pair your Bluetooth enabled tablet to a Bluetooth speaker as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once paired, audio will be wirelessly transmitted to the speaker if it is within range.

3.0 - Connecting to WIFI

From the tablet home screen, pull down the notification / settings menu and click on the WiFi icon. From the WiFi menu, make sure your WiFi is switched on. You will now see a list of available networks. Select the right network to connect. If your network is password protected, please enter the password to connect

4.0 - Copy music to your Tablet

  1. Connect your Beatselecta Tablet to your PC or Mac
  2. If this is the first time you’ve connected it, wait for Windows to install the device drivers. On a Mac, make sure you have installed the Android File Transfer app
  3. Open Windows Explorer or Finder and navigate to the device
  4. Copy / Paste or drag and drop any music files from your PC / Mac to the tablet storage or Micro SD Card storage. Use the music folder or any other of your choice. We recommend creating subfolders inside the music folder to keep your music organized

5.0 - Tablet Setup

Now that you have your tablet and account set up, you're just a few steps away from getting your app up and running! Launch the app from the tablet home screen.

Enter the username and password that you created during the account setup.

6.0 - Import Music

  1. If you have already copied music into your device, click on the Import Music button to start adding them to the library
  2. In the next screen, select the folders that contain your music. If you have music stored in subfolders, you only need to select the parent folder
  3. Beatselecta has auto sync enabled by default. The next time you open the app, Beatselecta will automatically scan your selected folders and add any new songs it finds. You can turn this feature off in the settings if you like.

7.0 Home Screen

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8.0 Music Library

  • 1. The Library Menu
  • 2. Songs, Album, Artist, and Genre Tabs
  • 3. The Details Pane
  • 4. The Mini Player

The music library organizes music files automatically based on the Artist, Album and Genre details. The Library feature allows us to access songs from the library. It has a Search function, a Mini Player and Details pane.

The Search function allows us to locate a song from the library. The Mini Player comprises media controls such as Previous, Play/Pause, and Next to move between or play the songs. The Details pane allows us to switch between the Songs, Artist, Album and Genre tabs by a swift swipe action.

8.1 - Delete Song

To delete songs from the library:

  1. Select Side Menu Library.
  2. Long Press a song. The Delete and Cancel options appear.
  3. Select songs to be deleted and tap Delete.
  4. A confirmation dialog box is displayed. Tap OK to delete the selected songs.

9.0 - Organize the Music Library

Best way to organize your music library is by creating playlist. Playlist are collection of tracks

In addition to the music imported when registering the venue, you can import music into the BeatSelecta library, create playlists and schedule their play time as and when required.

Import Music

With BeatSelecta, it's easy to get all your music files organised. You can use the Library to import music from your PC, download music from the net or transfer songs through various drives. After you add files to your Library, you can play the songs, create playlists, and broadcast the songs to your online customers.

MP3 songs in files and folders are imported into library by selecting Side Menu Library Import from Folders; BeatSelecta automatically imports the album, artist, artwork and song names from music files.

Create or Change Playlists in BeatSelecta

Playlists are collections of tracks that can be built for moods, albums, events, singer etc. As many playlists can be created as required; the only limitation is your imagination.

To create a playlist:

  1. Tap Side Menu Playlist.
  2. Tap the Create New Playlist button.
  3. Type in the name for the new playlist and tap Save.
  4. Tap Add Songs, select songs from library and tap Done.

10.0 - Broadcast Music

Starting a broadcast begins playback at your location and makes your location appear online in the customer app, allowing them to check in and choose a song.

To start a Broadcast, select a playlist from the Playlist menu and click on the broadcast button. By default, Beatselecta automatically creates a playlist with all the songs in your library. You can use this or create your own custom playlists for finer control over the vibe at your location.

You can also customize the settings for each broadcast session, including credit options, free play options, promo messages and more!

  1. From the Playlist menu, select Broadcast.

  2. Select the broadcast attributes.

    • Select Play All to play all the songs in the library.
    • Select Limit To to restrict the number of songs to be broadcast in that session.
  3. Enter Start Time of the playlist

    • Select Start Now to start playing the songs immediately
    • Select Start In and specify the start time of the broadcast.
  4. Enter End time of the playlist

    • Select Stop At The End Of The Playlist to stop the songs after it has played all songs once.
    • Select End In and specify the end time of the broadcast.
  5. Select the base credit value to playback a song at your venue. The default value is 1.

  6. Specify whether Free Play option is allowed in your venue. If yes, select any one of the following options:

    • Free Play A Day – Allows one song to be played for free in a day.
    • Free Play In A Queue – Allows one song to be played for free per queue.
  7. If necessary, specify the Promo Message attributes such as the Promo Title and Promo Message.

  8. Tap Start to stream lively music to the venue customers.

11.0 - Understand Credit Spending

The broadcast songs are played in the order of the credits paid by the user. Users can pay the base credit set by the venue or to prioritize their songs, they can pay more. For instance if the venue has set the default value of 1 as the base credit value and has allowed one free play per queue, then the songs would be played in the order provided in the table below:

Song Credits Description Credit Rules
Zero Credit The Zero credit song is queued as the last song in the existing sequence.
One Credit The One credit song is queued above the Zero Credit song.
Two Credit The Two credit song is queued above the One Credit song.
N+1 Credit The N+1 credit song is queued above the N credit song, where N refers to the highest value in the queue at the current time.

12.0 - Reports

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13.0 - Care & Maintenance

Read these simple guidelines before using your device.

  • Use only manufacturer-approved accessories. Use of general accessories may shorten the life of your device or cause the device to malfunction.
  • Keep your device dry. Humidity and all types of liquids may damage device parts or electronic circuits.
  • Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas.
  • Do not store the device in hot or cold areas.
  • Do not store your device near magnetic fields.
  • Do not store your device with metal objects such as coins, keys and necklace.
  • Do not drop your device or cause impacts to your device.


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